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Festivities of the patronesse Virgen de la Plaza

These are the most important festivities in the town. The town's local festivities are held on the 8th September. On the previous Sunday, the festivities are announced in the church by way of a Pregón (Opening Speech) by a leading personality. This event was first organised by the group known as "Los Ilustres" back in 1988, and continued uninterrupted until 2000, at which point it was taken over by the Town Council.

On the 7th there is a Floral Offering to Nuestra Señora de la Plaza, followed by the launch of a firework rocket (txupinazo) which announces the start of the Festivities. The Main Square is beautifully decked out and, naturally, our Barrihuelo joins in the party with the youngsters dressed in blouses, arms held high, cigar in mouth, moving along to the Town Hall and then coming down to greet us. At this moment the music band, the pipers and the big heads leave the square to start the traditional street parade.

The 8th September is the most important day, dedicated to Virgen de la Plaza. The procession, the solemn Mass and the different offerings all take place in an exquisite musical environment with Pipers, Dances and the Band, along with the different authorities who give this day a particular character, with the local residents taking the Town as their own. This ceremonial ritual has been documented as dating back to 6th September 1885. Bull runs, evening parties, competitions, performances and the burning bull, amongst other activities, keep young and old alike entertained until the 11th, when the Barrihuelo, who is equally as tired, says "Until next year" in an event enjoyed by all, when he goes over the high points and anecdotes of the festivities, known as "Barrihuelo's Burial" (Click on the attached file to enjoy the last burial).


1988Javier Cameno (Journalist and Cultural Animator)
1989Antxon Urrusolo (Journalist and Television Presenter)
1990Juan Claudio Cifuentes (Television Presenter, expert in Jazz)
1991Pedro Ruiz (Television Presenter)
1992Antonio Guerrero (Director of the daily newspaper "El Correo")
1993Miguel Durán (Director General of the O.N.C.E.)
1994Emilio Palacios (Lecturer at Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
1995Patxi Antón (Writer and Gastronome)
1996Juanjo Mena Ostériz (Orchestra Conductor)
1997Camino Urdiain Martínez (Director of the Provincial Archive)
1998Luis Hernández Sánchez (Director General of Osakidetza)
1999Alberto Schommer García (Photographer)
2000Ángel Jaime Baró (President of the Rioja Origin Regulation Board)
2001Fernando Savater (Philosopher)
2002Emilio Guevara
2003Alfredo Amestoy
2004Gotzone Mora
2005Florencio Asenjo Contreras (Primary School Teacher)
2006Nerea Haig Santamaría (Director of the review "Sustraia")
2007Miguel Larreina (Director of Laguardia House of Wine)
2008Joseba Arregui (Former Regional Culture Minister of the Basque Government)
2009Unai Vergara Díez-Caballero (Professional Footballer)
2010Jesús Fernández Ibáñez
2011Manuel Ruiz Hernández
2012Gorka Aguinagalde (Actor y humorista vasco)
2013Gurutze Beitia
2014Gaiteros de Elciego
2015Maribel Salas y Santi Ugalde
2016José Ramón Triana



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Entierro de Barrihuelo 2013

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Entierro de Barrihuelo 2012

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Entierro de Barrihuelo 2011

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Entierro de Barrihuelo 2010

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Entierro de Barrihuelo 2009

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Entierro de Barrihuelo 2008

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Entierro de Barrihuelo 2007

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