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Cifujazz Space

The CIFUJAZZ Space give rise to a project aimed at maintaining the human and documentary legacy of Juan Claudio Cifuentes, who died in 2015, thus paying tribute to his great contribution as populariser, expert and devotee of jazz music.

The so-called Casa de los Maestros (House of Teachers), home to the local Tourist Office and Municipal Library, also houses various cultural and leisure facilities.  This space was designed as a visual recap of the three most significant aspects of Juan Claudio Cifuentes ´professional career: the television programme Jazz Among Friends, which includes a detailed simulation of the programme´s club stage; Cifu´s long dedication to radio is recalled with another emulation, in this case a small and coquettish radio studio.  A display cabinet of the different awards and recognitions received by Cifuentes throughout his life leads us to the area equipped to house his record collection.

The space, granted by the City Council of Alava, has been designed and created by Gorka Otsoa from Vitoria; a place where Cifu´s presence can be perceived practically from street itself. 

The aim of creating this space is to turn it into a centre of irradiation of culture and jazz activity based on the figure of Cifu. 

The idea is to offer small monographic exhibitions, research projects to promote jazz, the creation of a bibliographic collection, talks, collaboration agreements with all kinds of jazz initiatives (associations, concert cycles or festivals, publications or centres for documentation or the promotion of music) or the programming, on an annual basis and during the summer, of one or several conference sessions in memory of Juan Claudio Cifuentes that would include holding one or more concerts. The setting for all these initiatives would be the town of Elciego, notwithstanding the fact that activities may be held from time to time in other parts of Spain, such as travelling exhibitions, etc. Lots of “embraces, hugs and cuddles for everyone” as the maestro used to say.