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Chapel of the Virgin de la Plaza

Virgen de la Plaza Basilica is an 18th-century construction, built on the site of a previous construction (possibly Gothic from the 14th century); all that remains from the previous era is a beautiful "Andra Mari" 14th century sculpture of Virgen de la Plaza.
The dome is semi-spherical, segmented by ribs which are almost Baroque in style and which come together in a medallion with a dove depicting the Holy Spirit, framed with eight small angels.
The construction has an irregular layout with an octagon in the interior, the upper level of which is formed by 4 narrow pointed arches alternating with 4 wide round arches. Inside are three decadent Baroque altarpieces, almost Rococo in style, with Corinthian columns; the side ones are dedicated to St Anthony and St Joseph, and the central one is in honour of Virgen de la Plaza. Virgen de la Plaza is widely worshipped in Elciego and the town festivities, on the 8th September, are dedicated to her.