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Brotherhood Festivities (San Roque, San Vicente, San Gregorio, San Andrés)

1.- Festivity of San Roque and San Gregorio

On the 1st October 1662 the Bishop of Calahorra Mr Juan Joanibie Echalar confirmed the brotherhood of San Gregorio y San Roque de Elciego, after examining the chapters and ordinances.
San Roque is celebrated on 16th August. The religious festivity in honour of the Saint is held in the Hermitage, which was refurbished and is now looked after by the members of the brotherhood. The profane celebration takes place in the town.
San Gregorio is held on 9th May, with the members of the brotherhood taking part in a Requiem Mass on the eve, followed by an evening meal. The next day hot drinking chocolate is offered at San Roque Hermitage, with the Mass in honour of the Saint represented in a small statue which is worshipped at the Hermitage.

2.- Festivity of San Vicente

The festivity of San Vicente is on 22nd January, although it is put back to the last Saturday in August. It is a very deep-rooted festivity, since nostalgia takes us back to the origins of the town. Thanks to the members of the brotherhood, who every year invite us to enjoy their programme with events such as a cards championship, hot chocolate, music, etc, the Hermitage and its history remain very much alive.

3.- Festivity of San Andrés

The festivity of the patron saint of the parish is celebrated on 30th November. The festivity includes a Mass and an evening meal for members of the brotherhood, who also offer hors d'oeuvres to the local authorities.
The figure of San Andrés is of special importance in the history of Elciego; the entrances of numerous houses have a cross of St Andrew.